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Hi, this is Tim…

I am 40 years old serial entrepreneur. I have started, scaled up and sold 8 successful businesses. I have been bankrupt 2 times. I am married to a wonderful woman for 20 years, who still with me through highest of successes to the deepest pits of failure. I have invested into Bitcoin when it was barely noticeable currency. Now I am out of bitcoin. My investment strategy: always sell too soon.

Throughout my business building, I have always had internet presence through my businesses. This is first blog that is entirely personal. I want it to be personal because it allows me to state my opinion, without looking back how it will affect the business outlook. I have a good nose to smell the changes in the air. I see how business will change in next 5 years. These will be dramatic changes, these will be systemic changes. So, if I raised your interest: come here often and regularly. You will learn something.

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